Out Post

on Thursday, June 14, 2012

A constant in the Universe is that of change. All things change. Some come to an end.
Pioneer Seer has undergone some changes since it's inception many years ago. But now has come the time for it to  end. I too have changed. Once I was very part of the Religious Matrix of Revival Fever and all things related there to. But I have gone through some interesting metamorphosis since "The Big Disconnect" that begun in 2005. Like Neo, I have changed. Grown.

So "Out Post" is the last post for this site. "Out" as in "going out". Adios. Good-Bye. Soyonara.
Eventually this post will go away as well as I plan on deleting this blog. No regrets. It's been a good run. I've had some good conversations and have met some wonderful Journey Mates. But it is time to move on. Come visit me at my "new" site (which is getting some major re-work right now.)

Ragamuffin Vagabond

Thank you to all who have left kind words of encouragement and insight. Thank you to all who have just dropped in to visit. Love, Grace and Shalom encompass you on The Journey.